Crunching numbers into ERPs and spreadsheets for hours and hours is a thing of the past. Developments in emerging tech such as robotic process automation (RPA), provides an opportunity to use the robot (TaxBot) for any job.

Taxbot is a user-friendly, safe, reliable, and cost-effective permanent tax assistant for your business projects. Any new TaxBot can be prepared within 1-3 weeks

What does a TaxBot do?

A Taxbot extracts relevant data from all types of documents, compares the data, and converts them into an appropriate output format.

All your invoices, bank statements, shipping instructions, websites (and more) are easily extracted as excel spreadsheets, fields of an API call, or text files. The bots are platform-neutral, available on-premise or on cloud.

Benefits of a Taxbot?

  • No dedicated technical support required

  • Available 24x7

  • Quick turn-around time

  • Compatible with multiple platforms

Activities by Taxbot

  • Manual data entry Manual data entry

  • Multiple task for single process Multiple task for single process

  • Single task across multiple systems Single task across multiple systems

  • Copy/Paste Copy/Paste

  • Automated emailing