Automatic Download Customs Duty Payment Receipts

Importers have to pay customs duty at the time of importing goods from outside India. Customs duty has to be paid via Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE). During the return filing, the importers have to download customs duty payment receipts from ICEGATE and attach with the return.

However, it is a burdensome process as there are 100s of challans to be downloaded from the website, which leads to higher cost and more time involved. 


Taxology, through its automated solution, TaxBot, lets you download customs duty payment receipts. It can download 1000s of receipts in a few clicks. The user has to enter Port No and Bill of Entry (BOE) details in the excel sheet, and TaxBot does the rest work. 

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Automatic Download of Custom Duty Payment Receipt

Download historical EWB Data for upto 1 year

Is your team finding it a cumbersome process to match Form GSTR-1 against the corresponding e-way bills details? Most taxpayers find it a laborious task. To process this step, the users have to download historical EWB data from the portal. 

Do you know where does the problem arise? The portal allows downloading of data only for 5 consecutive days. Further, a user can download only the summary report of the EWB bills issued. 

Isn’t it frustrating? 

Don’t worry; TaxBot is here to reduce your tensions. It lets your team download historical EWB data of upto 1 year in just a few clicks. No human intervention is involved during the downloading process. Interesting enough.

Also, the users can download a summary or detailed version as per their requirements. Not only this, but the report also shows the e-way bills marked as canceled by a user.

In just a few clicks, you can find the historical e-way bill data in front of you. Further, your team can then use our Reconciliation Solution to reconcile the e-way bills against invoices mentioned in GSTR-1.

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Data Reconciliation – Around the world

Machine Learning in Reconciliations

Winning in financial services is increasingly about the speed and accuracy of data normalization and reconciliation. Banks, asset managers, custodians, broker-dealers, portfolio managers, market utilities, etc. are all fundamentally data-driven. Thousands of employees onboard, match, compute and report massive quantities of data every day across every part of the business. Read more

Expensive Reconciliations

Executives must be able to trust their data to make informed business decisions.  Trusting data requires it to be verified against trusted sources.  Verifying against trusted sources requires reconciliation… in real-time at velocity, at complexity, at voracity. Read more

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